Navigating change like a Boss

Change. It can sneak up on us, or it can be warmly anticipated. It can be exciting or catch us completely off guard. We all handle it differently. There have been times when I’m so out of my comfort zone, or I want the opportunity so intensely, I jump in headfirst. Sometimes this is a […]

Igniting the fire – the Amped Up Marketing & Communications story

Natalie Coulson in red flowy dress

I’m always curious about how businesses and brands came to be. When did the first spark of inspiration happen? Was it part of a natural progression or did an event ignite the fire? Once the fire was ignited, how did the flame continue to burn? What fuelled the fire? As it’s holiday time, I’ve just […]

What do you need to market yourself when starting a business? Is there an order?

Businesswoman sipping coffee at laptop

You’ve just made the leap from corporate and started your service-based business. Or you’re branching out with a side hustle, while working your day job. Either way – the overwhelm has probably hit – and you’re wondering what the hell to start with when it comes to marketing your business. Is there any order to […]