Personal Branding with Confidence Program launches again Sep 30!

Are you keen to make a bigger impact and create the life you want on your terms? I firmly believe establishing and building your personal brand is core to your success. Yes, I know that’s a massive statement.. but after spending years bumbling around without a clear brand framework – let alone a personal brand, […]

What is the difference between your personal and business brand?

Business woman sitting with computer

I have a confession to make. I really sucked at branding when I first went into business on my own. I’d been so used to working with large brands in the magazine industry over the course of 16 years – as both a Journalist and then Account Manager. In those roles I rocked up, learnt the […]

So, you’re a new Entrepreneur – or you’d like to make the leap

I took a moment to look back at the images I captured on my phone circa October, 2016. It’s the time I made the leap from the corporate world into Entrepreneurship. What I found was a mix of joy (ok it felt like a holiday) and fierce determination.. (OK, why so serious?!) Yep… I’m looking […]

From debilitating depression to finding my version 2.0

I know what it’s like to feel invisible. A rusty, lesser version of yourself. It can happen after a setback or when we take time off to care for children or aging parents. You start to wonder if the real you will emerge again. After being a goal-oriented go-getter, it’s terrifying when the lesser version […]