Personal Branding with Confidence Program launches again Sep 30!

Are you keen to make a bigger impact and create the life you want on your terms? I firmly believe establishing and building your personal brand is core to your success. Yes, I know that’s a massive statement.. but after spending years bumbling around without a clear brand framework – let alone a personal brand, […]

What is the difference between your personal and business brand?

Business woman sitting with computer

I have a confession to make. I really sucked at branding when I first went into business on my own. I’d been so used to working with large brands in the magazine industry over the course of 16 years – as both a Journalist and then Account Manager. In those roles I rocked up, learnt the […]

So, you’re a new Entrepreneur – or you’d like to make the leap

I took a moment to look back at the images I captured on my phone circa October, 2016. It’s the time I made the leap from the corporate world into Entrepreneurship. What I found was a mix of joy (ok it felt like a holiday) and fierce determination.. (OK, why so serious?!) Yep… I’m looking […]

From debilitating depression to finding my version 2.0

I know what it’s like to feel invisible. A rusty, lesser version of yourself. It can happen after a setback or when we take time off to care for children or aging parents. You start to wonder if the real you will emerge again. After being a goal-oriented go-getter, it’s terrifying when the lesser version […]

Navigating change like a Boss

Change. It can sneak up on us, or it can be warmly anticipated. It can be exciting or catch us completely off guard. We all handle it differently. There have been times when I’m so out of my comfort zone, or I want the opportunity so intensely, I jump in headfirst. Sometimes this is a […]

Igniting the fire – the Amped Up Marketing & Communications story

Natalie Coulson in red flowy dress

I’m always curious about how businesses and brands came to be. When did the first spark of inspiration happen? Was it part of a natural progression or did an event ignite the fire? Once the fire was ignited, how did the flame continue to burn? What fuelled the fire? As it’s holiday time, I’ve just […]

Personal Branding

Why taking the time to build a powerful personal brand is so worthwhile What comes to mind when you think of branding? Is it the brand of a large corporation like Apple, Toyota or McDonalds? Or perhaps it’s a luxury brand like Dior, Louis Vuitton or Prada? These are epic international brands. They are household […]