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Introducing the Personal Branding with Confidence Program.

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An 8-week Program for Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches or Freelancers ready to elevate. 

What does elevating mean? 

Just like ‘success’, elevating means different things to different people. It’s very personal. 

Elevating means rising to the next level and bridging that gap between where you are now and where you know you want to go. Where you can go. Where you will go. If you can envision it, you can make it happen. 

I’m talking about 

  • Earning more money
  • Working with clients you feel more aligned with 
  • Finally breaking away from a corporate job you hate 
  • Creating a schedule that works for you 


What’s holding you back? 

We all get into tight situations, where a range of life scenarios or setbacks make the big goals or dreams feel insurmountable. 

I know – I’ve been there too. 

OK, so what does Personal Branding have to do with all of this? 

Building a business – whether you’re a boss of 5000 or you run your own show as a Freelancer, Consultant or Coach – you must build a brand. 


Your potential customers need to understand how you position yourself. 

  • To see if you’re the right fit for them 
  • To understand the outcome you promise and the problems you solve
  • How you differentiate from competitors 
  • Your values and how you see the world 

Your message needs to be clear – because it’s impossible to be everything to everyone. 

While branding is essential for companies. It’s also vital for individuals in business. 


It makes you memorable so you stand out, in front of the right people for the reasons important to you. 

When you think of names like Gary V, Oprah or Tony Robbins – what is more memorable? Their name or the name of their company? 

You don’t have to be a big-time celebrity to become known among your potential customers though. 

It’s about standing out for what you believe in, becoming memorable and building your profile where it matters. 

I’m absolutely driven by my purpose which is to help Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches and Freelancers feel seen and heard by finding their voice. 

I can’t wait to help you find, embrace and truly leverage yours to achieve your growth goals. 

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What our past group participants have told us:

“ Being part of the Personal Branding with Confidence Program was a lifechanging experience. I have such a clear idea of what is driving me in my business, and I’ve set far larger goals for myself. I’m now run off my feet with business! Thank you Natalie. You’re like an angel sent from heaven to help me!”
Hayley Hoile
Online Business Manager, b_Calm Consulting
“The Personal Branding with Confidence Program started me on a pivotal process of discovery and action. It provided me with a network of like minded individuals and a clear roadmap for creating my personal brand and beyond. Natalie’s knowledge and readiness to be vulnerable and ‘in it’ with us was a key part of the transformation and she continues to support way beyond the program completion, which is invaluable. Thank you Nat – it was such a worthwhile investment.”
Cathy Rolfe
Executive Coach_Meditation Trainer

End of program lunch
June 2022

The 8-week Personal Branding with Confidence Program will kick off on 

Friday, 30th September at 12 noon AEST

It will include:

  • 6 weeks of 60-90 minute group program coaching via zoom
  • 2 x one-on-one zoom coaching calls
  • Workbook
  • Content planner
  • Dedicated group Facebook group for support throughout the 8 weeks and beyond
  • Priority access to workshops – to help you upskill
  • End of program lunch (may be virtual)
  • Program capped to 12 people – so everyone’s voice is heard in a collaborative environment


= $1800 AUD + GST

(Or $250+ GST per week) 


Curious to find out more? I’d love to get to know you.

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